How a non-linear career path helped me find the courage to stop caring what others think.

In my first job after college, the interview included a tour of where my office would be. It was a cubicle-filled room with semicircle peek-a-boo windows. While the cubicles made me shudder (I’d never…

Is anyone else weirded out by the referral program?

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In 2016, a girl from high school posted a pair of leggings on Facebook with the caption, ‘LulaRoe exclusive styles!’

During that day and age, everyone was wearing ridiculously patterned leggings.

A helpful strategy for new and confused writers

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I’m not sure where else my monthly goal would be, ‘make $30-dollars.’ On Medium, that was my goal for August. I rounded out the month making $42-dollars! Or, in Emoryspeak, four bottles of wine.

While Medium can’t singlehandedly fund my wine habit…

It’s actually not about wholly loving yourself

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The last year and a half (as I’m sure for most people) was an absolute whirlwind. In the last six months alone, I’ve made a lot of big decisions — I left a toxic friendship, pursued freelance writing with vigor, and quit my job.

I learned so much about myself…

How my grandfather left this world

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It should have been a regular Tuesday. By 5 pm, the darkness of winter collected the sky. Driving on my street I noticed something blur into view then suddenly dart across the windshield.

Shuffling through my console, I found my glasses, putting them on…

Rethinking transitions: The only way out is through

Sunglasses floating in bright blue water.
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I’m not going to lie, I’ve been down in the dumps. I guess that’s natural after you rage quit your job.

Two weeks ago, I made the intuitive decision (mid getting berated by my boss) that enough was enough. I walked out riding the high of finally standing up for…

How does one begin to find a writing mentor?

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Hi, it’s me, the sad puppy looking for its furever home.

I didn’t think I’d end up here, alone, with someone just feeding me occasional meals of freelance stories and sometimes, rejection.

I’m lost and scared, and, it would be nice if I had someone to take me in and…

Be wary of these common errors, but know you can fix them

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Just now, I was reading what I thought would be a promising story. The writer was discussing her rejections and newfound success in self-publishing. Searching for a nugget of wisdom, I mostly found rants and unrelated backstories.

After about a minute, my mind said, “boring,” as I clicked on the…

Right as my article was going viral, I got the dreaded red banner

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After rage quitting your awful marketing job, the last thing you want to come home to is a red banner atop your Medium page saying your account is under investigation. This is my story.

ME? Seriously, me…

Medium writers are getting spammed left and right

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It happened just like the others, *[Insert Name Here] responded to your comment.* Oh, cool! I think.

When I click on it, disappointment sets in:

“Thank you for reading & taking time to comment , for help on how to grow your…

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